Carl Jones


As an acclaimed producer, writer, and director, Carl has made significant impacts on the animation industry with his work on the Peabody Award-winning The Boondocks and Pixie Award-winning Black Dynamite.

His diverse accomplishments include co-creating Freaknik: The Musical, writing for several shows, executive producing HBO Max’s Young Love which is based on the Oscar-winning animated short Hair Love, and serving as showrunner for The Last OG.

Through directing the 2023 Webby Award-winning animated series Undeniable and other notable projects, he has solidified his status as an innovative storyteller, underlining his considerable influence on the entertainment sphere.

Love jones


As a distinguished leader in animation, Love is acclaimed for co-founding Martian Blueberry and producing animated projects with stars such as Trippie Redd and Meg Thee Stallion.

Her accomplishments include producing the Webby Award-winning series Undeniable for Major League Baseball and founding Much Love Productions, a reputable casting agency.

Recognized in Forbes as one of the few African-American women leading a full-service animation studio, her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence continue to significantly impact the creative arts and entertainment sector.

Omar McClinton

Head Of Production

Omar is a highly experienced 30+ year entertainment professional.

Having worked with both large and small independent studios, he’s gained extensive knowledge in live-action, animated, and digital media.

He serves as our Head of Production, producing all projects that fall under the production umbrella for the community.


WEB3 Strategy Manager

With a 20 year background in Sales, Project and Risk Management, Dufus has developed and implemented systems and procedures for companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies engaged in industries from mining, to banking, to technology.

He has been involved in Crypto for 3 years, on BSC, Polygon, Ethereum, and Fantom, then joined the NFT journey about 18months ago on Solana.

He is currently assisting Bubblegoose with refocusing the WEB3 strategy, Project Management and Research and Development.

Elliot Grogan


Elliot Grogan is a Photographer | Writer | Creator

With a range of Art pieces being displayed and sold across the Solana ecosystem, Elliot has becoming one of the up and coming NFT photographers. Add to that he has now started training under Carl Jones as part of our Writers Room program. 

He helps Bubblegoose with hosting community activities and assists in the development of our overall plans.



Solana OG, Bubblegoose Baller & Degen at heart 💎

He helps Bubblegoose with hosting community activities and assists in the development of our overall plans.