empowers creatives and

consumers through

innovative content

and collectibles,

harnessing the

Potential of blockchain

technology to

reshape the

entertainment industry.

Carl Jones is the creative visionary behind Bubblegoose Ballers and the Peabody Award-winning series “The Boondocks.”

With a track record of creating groundbreaking animated content, Carl is a recognized tastemaker and influential figure in popular culture.

His unique vision and expertise drive Bubblegoose Ballers’ success, combining creativity with the innovative power of Web3 technology.

Carl’s commitment to fostering creativity, empowerment, and cultural impact shapes the brand’s identity and resonates with audiences globally.


Creativity and art define us.

We inspire people to embrace their dreams and unleash their inner baller.

Our vibrant community celebrates uniqueness, fosters self-expression, and creates positive impact.

Together, we’re shaping a Web3-powered world where anyone can soar to new heights.