ANIMATION as a service

Bubblegoose Ballers is powered by Martian Blueberry, the award-winning animation studio founded by Carl and Love Jones. Carl Jones, a principal founder of Martian Blueberry played a key role in renowned series like The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, The Last O.G., and many more. BGB is the “jewel in the crown” of Martian Blueberry’s present and future projects.

Martian Blueberry is a creative powerhouse dedicated to diversity and inclusion. We innovate in global entertainment by crafting captivating narratives that push traditional societal boundaries and our dynamic portfolio spans various media forms. We serve as a hub for breakthrough ideas and talent, challenging the entertainment status quo.

Martian Blueberry is an active agency, often serving several clients at once. We want to continue growing our clientele with a new focus on web3 partners and we believe web3 provides the tools necessary for a new creative revolution, decentralizing the control of the arts and entertainment industries and empowering creators in an unprecedented way.

We offer Animation as a Service to individuals, brands, and corporations. Whether you need a promotional clip for social media or an episodic series for a major network, we can do it all. Some of our specialties include:

| Character Design | 2D Animation | Creative Story | Storyboards |

| Music | 3D Animation | Stop Motion |

Martian Blueberry has been at the front lines of web3 since early 2022 when Bubblegoose Ballers became one of the most well-known NFTs in the space. We are well-equipped to provide the style, tonalities, and speeds needed in this unique, new landscape.

your dream 
your vision
YOUR Animation

As we double down on web3 and open our services to other collections and communities, Martian Blueberry is providing a special promotional offer specifaclly for web3 teams.

For more info about this offer, please contact Martian Blueberry